Congress is Exempt

At a time when America is coping with high unemployment, large deficit spending, and family’s trying to improve their lives. Our own elected officials are exempt from laws that we are bound to. If you missed this 60 minutes episode you should watch it.

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Finding Chinese Language and Culture

Wow, this past week the JING Institute (Chris’ wife’s company) recently finished their children’s summer camp. During their week of festivities and classes they accomplished learning some Chinese langauge, playing the game of “Go” and the strategic thinking that goes along with it, the Qin dynasty and its history, Chinese Paper Cutting and Oragami, Chinese Ancient Science and Technology, and learning the abacus for visual math learning. One of the parents commented “I wish I could take the classes myself!”. It’s great to find a program that puts the children through such a breadth of knowledge while keeping it fun.

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Finding a trustworthy guide in Frontier Markets

For some investors investing in Frontier Markets poses a challenge of finding companies to invest in or getting to the information so one can make an informed decision.

Larry Speidell, of Frontier Market Asset Management recently wrote an article in the May/June 2011 issue of CFA Magazine that describes separating the signal from the noise in Frontier Markets. We recommend that people read it.

Our friend Larry Speidell and Toby Westbrook are fellow Value Investors that operate a fund that specifically seek out investment opportunities in Frontier Markets. We are continually grateful for their advice and mentorship. We do not receive any compensation for recommending their work.

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Cinderella Principle

For those of you that have read “Damn Right!:Behind the scenes with Berkshire Hathaway Billionaire Charlie Munger” will remember that it wasn’t always a rosy picture for him.

I recently came across a blog post made by Joshua Kennon that can be read here

If you haven’t read Damn Right! I encourage you to do so and to all those entrepreneurial spirits out there, It is your energy that helps drive our economy go make your Cinderella story a reality.

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Save those coins?

For those of you that are coin collectors and have those war time nickels or other types of coinage that contain silver or precious metals may want to consider those copper pennies. Interesting article here

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Super Investors – Two Sides to every coin.

For those of you following the battle between David Einhorn and Bruce Berkowitz over the value of St. Joe Company should read this article published by Fortune.

There are two sides to every coin and we encourage everyone to look at both. It’s sure to be an interesting learning experience.

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Secure it!

For those that use Facebook to keep up with both personal and professional contacts you may want to read the following article.!5744229/the-facebook-setting-you-should-change-as-quickly-as-possible

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Frontier Markets

In late December 2010, I sat down for lunch with Lawrence Speidell and Toby Westbrook, the Chief Investment Officer and Fund Advisor, respectively, of Frontier Market Asset Management. Upon walking into their offices in La Jolla, CA, I was greeted by a vast array of pictures from trips that they have made to the many countries they have invested in. As their name implies, they invest in “Frontier Markets.”

Countries that are considered frontier markets are Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Qatar, Bangladesh and Kazakhstan, just to name a few.

Frontier Market Asset Management has a value investing philosophy, so those investors from Graham and Doddsville who are looking for a guide in frontier markets may want to look them up. We discussed some of their theses for different countries, and I found their arguments compelling.

No matter what type of investor you are, though, if you are looking for new ideas or different perspectives on different markets, I recommend reading their Travel Papers, available on their website:

All the best,


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Investing in Chinese Companies?

Just finished reading an interesting article by Zack Buckley on “The Perils of Investing in China”.

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Buffett Locks in interest rates

Hello all, just a recent article we read by Bloomberg on Warren Buffett “locking in interest rates” can be read here

No real comments.  Just wanted to let everyone know what we read. If you have a portion of your portfolio in bonds you may want think about the effect of rising interest rates on your holdings.

Chris & Ian

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